Our Radius Talent Advisory practice is a customized program to engage with clients as their leadership structure is developing, often before the need to engage the search process, at other times after the successful completion of an assignment to ensure that the new executive makes the intended impact on the business and operating culture of the company. Our specialized expertise, insight, and guidance gained from decades of search experience can add value far beyond the formal search process.

We address client needs through a progressive model designed to tailor our deliverable to the unique requirements of the moment, avoiding the dogmatic “one size fits all” approach of traditional search firms. Among the range of capabilities we can bring on your behalf are:

  • Management team interviews and assessment
  • Talent Benchmarking and peer group analysis
  • Due Diligence support and M&A/”Event” planning
  • Search process effectiveness audit
  • On-boarding support for new executives
  • Candidate selection due-diligence and support
  • Internal search capability assessment
  • Talent market and competitive positioning review

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your special requirements and to tailor a project proposal to how we can best address them.