Engaged Search - BEFORE...DURING...AFTER


Objective – Agreement on position specification and desired candidate capabilities
  • Written confirmation of assignment
  • In-person interviews of client team and key stakeholders to fully understand external  environment (e.g., regulatory, legislative, competitive, etc.), internal pressures (e.g., financial, development, sales, distribution, etc.), culture, and selection process
  • Develop ideal candidate profile & position description in collaboration with client 
  • Secure agreement on position description
Objective – Develop a long-list of potential candidates and companies to be contacted in Candidate Development phase
  • Determine companies to target, and avoid, for candidates
  • Identify primary candidates for position at target companies
  • Leverage databases, analysts, and associations as candidate/referral sources
  • Develop secondary candidates from primary candidate referrals
  • Include up-and-coming managers if endorsements are strong
  • Select candidates possessing desired capabilities 


Candidate Development 
Objective – Develop a short-list of highly qualified individuals
  • Contact candidates to determine interest
  • Conduct initial capability screen
  • Secure background and salary information
  • If not interested, source for secondary candidates
  • Develop qualified list of 10 to 12 individuals
Candidate Interviews 
Objective – Qualify candidates for client interviews
  • Schedule interviews with 6 to 10 high potential candidates
  • Conduct in-depth assessment of skills, capabilities, and fit
  • Focus on documentable accomplishments and functional mastery
  • Ensure chemistry is appropriate for client management style, culture, and work environment
Candidate Presentation and Hire 
Objective – Present leading candidates for client to interview
  • Present candidate backgrounds to client
  • Schedule interviews with client and candidates
  • Debrief with client and candidate post-interviews
  • Facilitate and assist in closing candidate, including helping negotiate compensation as necessary
  • Complete written reference checks


Follow Through
Objective – Continuous feedback to ensure effective transition and integration
  • Periodic reviews with client to determine candidate progress
  • Periodic discussions with candidate to ensure smooth integration
  • Feedback as appropriate