Conducting a retained search with a firm committed to building long-term relationships and led by experienced industry professionals increases the likelihood that the right hire is made the first time. Our clients benefit most when we work closely with them before (Position Development and Definition) during (Identifying, Screening and Recruiting) and after (Successful Integration) a search engagement.

Why consider a retained search?

  • Just as you are experts at what you do, we are experts at what we do. We use our market knowledge to find the right candidates for a position critical to the company’s success, allowing you and your organization to remain focused on key business objectives.

Why do organizations shy away from a retained search?

The most often cited reason is cost. However, a number of factors should be considered to understand the true cost of making a hire.

  • Dedicated search teams bring efficiency and effectiveness to a search, accelerating the recruiting process as well as allowing internal resources to focus on other high priority initiatives that are not easily outsourced.
  • A successful hire is a high performer – what you expected and what you paid for. Anything less than a high performer is a mis-hire.

Hiring mistakes result from a rushed recruiting process.

  • Lack of organizational alignment and/or limited access to strong candidate pools. When search firms have been involved, poor outcomes typically result from working with consultants who are transaction oriented or possess limited operating experience.
  • Consider that a retained search process provides a company the opportunity to more broadly assess its current organization. Organizations grow. Priorities change. Competition proliferates.
  • Just as companies regularly reevaluate their business strategies, they should also periodically reassess their leadership needs.